We Have Large Company Resources

As a merchant services organization, we don’t turn away great business opportunities and we never disregard our customers needs: 24 hour technical support, customer service, quick turnaround on set up, and making sure that our ISO’s and Independent Agents are an integral part of our team. We may not be a publicly traded company or a well-known name, but come learn and see how we do it. From sales support, to operations, to IT systems, and reporting tools, we have all the resources you need from a single agent up to an office of 20+ to support your staff and sustain accented growth.

Customer Service Means More Than Just Service

We provide service to all our customers, but for our ISO’s, we are your Advocates. We make sure there is someone supporting your needs. From your inception into Tribul, our very own ISO Advocacy group will make sure you are right next door. A human is waiting at the other end of the telephone to listen to you and to “take care of it right away”.

We Focus on Who You Are

“Yes, you.” Did you ever feel like your processor would never return your call or never listened to what you had to say? We know that feeling is everywhere in this industry and we want to make it very clear that we know your name, where you work, and how you work. You are the center of our attention because your business is our priority and that is the sole reason for our overall success.

Aggressive Product Development

From gift card services, wireless terminals, a top-rate check guarantee program, to bill pay, pre-paid, and e-commerce capabilities, we provide a broad platform of products that service our customers to the fullest. This in turn allows you to be the best Sales Representative for our merchants and you become their only resource to deliver all their needs. In addition, we are the nation’s leader in Cash Advance Services with fast turnaround and superior banking relations.

We Are Invested in Your Success

To show you how committed we are to your success, we have designed an intense training program to ensure you are superior sales representative in our industry and have the proper certifications to prove it. Your professional development is our number 1 priority and that starts at the beginning of our relationship together, because we are your partners and we want you to achieve the unimaginable. Through Tribul, become a certified member of Visa/Mastercard, and a certified Agent of the Merchant Services industry. Did you even know this was possible? Now it is.

Diversity is Our Specialty

We understand the diversity of our merchants and have a multilingual staff that is prepared to answer their call in most languages. Don’t shy away from a community of merchants if you can’t speak their language, because you come from a team of people that do.